A wage garnishment is a method that the IRS uses to collect funds from you in order to meet your outstanding tax obligations.  Wage garnishments are a form of a tax levy, which is a legal seizure of your property or assets that are used to satisfy a portion of your tax debt to the government, and are just one of many forms of levies that can be used to satisfy your tax debt.

When the IRS uses a wage garnishment, they in essence place a levy on your ongoing wages.  This means that they force you to remit funds to them by making it an involuntary action.  Your employer will have to remit a portion of your paycheck to the IRS and you will never see that money.  This is done instead of allowing you to receive the money and then allowing you to pay the IRS yourself.

Wage garnishments can not only dramatically reduce the amount of your regular paycheck, but they can be humiliating, frustrating and stressful to deal with.  They function like an installment plan but are forced upon you and typically leave you with less money to live on than if you set up an installment plan.

There are ways to stop wage garnishment, and if your wages are being garnished and you would like to halt this process, we are here to help.  In fact, stopping wage garnishment is a very common form of tax resolution.

The first step is to evaluate your current financial situation and determine how best to negotiate another form of tax resolution with the IRS.  In many cases, if a monthly installment plan is set up, the government will agree to remove the tax levy against your wages and will stop wage garnishment as long as you continue to make your agreed upon monthly installment payments.  This form of tax resolution is typically preferable to wage garnishment.

We understand how difficult it can be when your wages are garnished to cover repayment of your tax debt and we are here to help you find the best means of tax resolution so that wage garnishment can be halted.

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