If the IRS suspects tax fraud and is investigating you, your first priority should be to hire a criminal tax defense professional.  Once the IRS Criminal Investigation Division gets involved in looking into your case, you have a lot at stake.  This investigation is more than simply an audit to determine if you under-reported income or took a few extra liberties with some of your expenses.  A criminal investigation can lead to criminal charges, not just additional taxes, penalties or accrued interest charges.

What Should You Do If You Are Being Criminally Investigated?

Your absolute first priority is to find suitable representation.    This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  When you are dealing with a criminal tax investigation, you definitely don’t want to do it alone.

What Constitutes Tax Fraud?

When it comes to determining tax fraud, your intentions may be as important as your actions.  Each case is different but if you are in the middle of any type of investigation of this nature, you should be sure to obtain solid advice and representation from an experienced tax professional that has dealt with criminal tax cases in the past.

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