People’s Tax Relief offers tax preparation services for individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Whether you are filing and paying your taxes on time or you have outstanding tax issues that require you to file back tax forms to be in compliance with the IRS and/or state taxation agencies, our tax preparation specialists can help.

Our tax preparation services are performed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (EAs), licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to represent clients with the IRS and state taxation authorities. Our tax preparation specialists are licensed to provide tax preparation services in every state in the U.S. as well as all U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc).

Why Do You Need Tax Preparation Services?

Preparing and filing taxes can be a very complicated and intricate process due to the extensive and constantly-changing tax laws in the U.S. Although individuals can choose to prepare their own taxes using paper forms or an online tax preparation program, many people opt to have a professional tax preparer complete this process.

This is often beneficial for two reasons – for one, a licensed tax professional can ensure that your tax forms are prepared and filed correctly so that you run into no issues with the IRS or state tax agencies. Another reason that it is beneficial to hire an experienced tax preparer is that the fee you pay for the service is often far less than the money you can save due to the expertise a tax professional can offer in relation to how you can legally lower your tax obligation. Most people save far more in taxes owed than what tax preparation services cost.

What About Prior Year Taxes?

We specialize in helping individuals become compliant with the IRS and state tax authorities. In many cases, that means filing tax returns for prior years that were never filed. Our experienced tax preparers can prepare and file prior year tax returns for you in order to bring you in compliance – and if you need us to negotiate with the IRS or state agencies to reduce tax obligations, spread out what is owed in affordable installments, or waive penalties and fees, our tax resolution team can help.

We Make Tax Preparation Easy

Most people cringe at the thought of preparing taxes. At People’s Tax Relief, we make the process simple and painless. Our tax preparation services can be performed remotely so you don’t even need to leave your house to have your taxes prepared.

Why People’s Tax Relief?

Tax preparation and resolution is all we do. Our team of licensed CPAs and Enrolled Agents has over five decades of combined experience preparing tax returns and negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. Our goal is to put each of our clients in the best possible position when dealing with the IRS and by entrusting us with your tax preparation, you can rest easy knowing your tax returns have been filed properly and offer you the best possible tax outcome.

In Need Of Tax Preparation Services? Contact Us!

For more information about our tax preparation services or to get started with one of our experienced tax preparers, call People’s Tax Relief at 866-788-8069 or fill out the form on the side of this page and a member of our tax preparation team will contact you.