Steve Dillon

Steve-DillonAt People’s Tax Relief, all of our Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agent have extensive experience related to complex tax matters, tax law governing the federal and state taxing authorities, and detailed accounting practices. This is an extremely powerful combination, especially when considering the IRS is without a doubt the largest and most highly funded collection agency in the world.As you will learn, People’s Tax Relief has many skilled and experienced employees. At this time, we are pleased to highlight Attorney Steven Dillon, as an outstanding tax professional. As an esteemed Tax Attorney, Mr. Dillon is one of our most qualified, seasoned tax relief experts. His personal experience has allowed him to assist our clients with all their tax relief needs.

Mr. Dillon obtained his Juris Doctorate in Law from the prestigious University of Massachusetts Law School and has enjoyed a very successful carrier in tax law both in the government and private sectors. Mr. Dillon was an IRS employee within the Collections Division, where he actually taught the very same collection methods he now fights against. This level of insight has proven time and time again to be one our client’s best assets towards winning their individual cases.

Over the past decade, Mr. Dillon has been honing his negotiating and resolution skills, which has given him the status of one of the most respected and recognized resolution attorneys in the industry. His outstanding and unparalleled success rates in both business and individual case resolution is why he is indeed one of the very best. His core resolution strategies are, but are not limited to: Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise, Innocent and Injured Spouse Claims, Penalty Abatements, Tax Lien Withdrawals and Subordinations, Wage and Bank Levy Releases. Whether he is negotiating at the Collections or Appeals levels, Mr. Dillon is always at his best and will stop at nothing to achieve the most appropriate resolution that best benefits each and every one of our client’s individual circumstances.

People’s Tax Relief could not be more pleased to have Mr. Steven Dillon as a major player on our team and we are sure you will feel the same!