When it comes to tax negotiation, most people panic thinking about how they are going to deal with the IRS and/or state taxation authorities. That is very understandable, since negotiating with the IRS – or even just dealing with them on a small matter – can be a daunting, confusing and time consuming process. The good news is that when you choose to have our experienced tax negotiation specialists handle the intricacies of negotiating your tax situation, the process doesn’t have to be so difficult and the outcome is typically better than you anticipated.

How Does Tax Negotiation Work?

When People’s Tax Relief handles your tax issues for you, you can rest assured that we will take care of all negotiations, paperwork and communication so that you never have to deal with the IRS or state agencies.

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your current tax issues, as well as your financial situation, and will provide you with advice on the best course of action to take to settle your tax obligations. Depending on how much you owe in taxes and your financial circumstances, there are a number of scenarios available to permanently put your tax woes to rest.

In some cases, a reduced tax settlement can be negotiated or an installment payment agreement can be put into place so you can settle your tax obligations over time in a manner that makes it more affordable to you. Even if you are able to pay your outstanding tax obligation in full in a lump sum, we can work to negotiate a break on any tax penalties that have been assessed. There are also situations that may exist that make you eligible for a temporarily hold on tax collection efforts.

What Does People’s Tax Relief Do For You?

The best way to negotiate with the IRS or state taxation authorities is to have an experienced professional do it for you. With over five decades of combined experienced and thousands of hours spent negotiating with the IRS, we know just what to say and what not to say and just what to do and what not to do. That means that we provide you with a great deal of amassed experience and expertise in dealing with the IRS in order to negotiate the best possible outcome for your tax situation.

Once you choose to have People’s Tax Relief negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, we will take care of all communication with them and will handle all paperwork. This is important to consider since many people don’t understand what they should or should not disclose to the IRS during negotiations. Additionally, the paperwork required for much of this process can be intricate, tedious and difficult to fill out, but we handle all of that for you so you don’t need to do it on your own.

What Are My Options For Tax Negotiation?

When you owe outstanding taxes, there are a number of tax negotiation options to consider in order to put your tax issues to rest. These include:

  • IRS Installment Plan
  • Partial Payment Settlement – Offer In Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Currently Not Collectible
  • Waiting Out The Statute Of Limitations


Our tax negotiation specialists will advise you about which tax negotiation strategy is right for you and will help you handle all necessary paperwork and communication with the IRS in order to bring your tax issues to a swift resolution.

Why People’s Tax Relief?

Tax negotiation is our specialty. We utilize a simple 3-step process that will result in your being compliant with the IRS while negotiating the best possible tax settlement outcome for you based on your financial situation. Our goal is to better our clients’ tax situations by not only resolving past and present tax issues, but by setting them up for the future so they don’t have recurring tax issues moving forward. We do this with sound tax negotiation principles based on years of experience and a focus on customer service.

Ready For Us To Handle Your Tax Negotiation? Contact Us!

Call People’s Tax Relief for a free, no-obligation tax consultation at 866-788-8069 or fill out the form on the side of this page and one of our experienced tax resolution specialists will contact you. During this consultation, we’ll analyze your tax situation and will determine the best way to negotiate with the IRS and state taxation authorities on your behalf.