Tax resolution is the process of working with the IRS and/or state tax agencies in order to bring you in compliance and halt any tax collection process against you. This can be a difficult process for an individual to navigate alone and is best accomplished by having a tax resolution specialist negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so that you can take advantage of any tax resolution programs that you may be eligible for.

If you find yourself in a difficult tax-related situation, our tax resolution services can help. We offer free no-obligation consultations to discuss your tax and financial situations and can provide you with the tax resolution advice and guidance you need to get you back on your feet. We also can handle all communication and paperwork necessary so that you can utilize tax resolution options that may be available to you in order to temporarily or permanently ease your outstanding tax burden.

Why Seek Tax Resolution Services?

When you are facing difficult financial circumstances and have tax obligations owed to the federal or state government, it can be overwhelming to deal with the situation. The IRS can be relentless in trying to collect money owed and can take actions such as wage garnishments and bank levies in order to recoup money due. They can also assess penalties, fees and interest on outstanding balances that serve to increase what you owe, making it even harder to pay back. In some cases, even criminal charges can be filed against you if you fail to take efforts to make good on your outstanding tax obligations.

What Tax Resolution Options Are Available?

There are a number of programs and opportunities that may be available to you if you are facing tax problems. Our tax resolution team can provide guidance to determine the best option for you so that you can take care of any past or present tax problems to get you back in good standing with the IRS and help you avoid any future issues.

Here are some of the tax resolution options we offer:

  • Audit Representation
  • Criminal Tax Defense
  • Dealing With The IRS
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • IRS Tax Discharge
  • IRS Tax Expiration
  • IRS Tax Installment Plans
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Payroll Tax Debt Relief
  • State Tax Issues
  • Stop Wage Garnishment
  • Tax Levy Release
  • Tax Lien Removal
  • Tax Penalty Abatement
  • Tax Preparation/Planning
  • Unfiled Tax Returns


Why People’s Tax Relief?

Tax negotiation, leading to effective tax resolution is our specialty. We utilize a simple 3-step process that will result in your being compliant with the IRS and will pursue the best possible tax resolution option based on your past and current financial situation. Our goal is to better our clients’ tax situations by not only resolving past and present tax issues, but by setting them up for the future so they don’t have recurring tax issues moving forward. We do this with sound tax resolution and negotiation principles based on years of experience and a focus on customer service.

Ready For Us To Resolve Your Tax Issues? Contact Us!

Call People’s Tax Relief for a free, no-obligation tax consultation at 866-788-8069 or fill out the form on the side of this page and one of our experienced tax resolution specialists will contact you. During this consultation, we’ll analyze your tax situation and will recommend the best tax resolution strategy in order to bring you in compliance with the IRS and state taxation authorities and halt collection action.